Требуется английски язык учитель, Jinan

English Village is a Foreign Education Resource Service Provider in the center of Jinan China. This position allows teachers to be on the cutting edge of a booming industry in China. We offer dynamic curriculum, innovative technology and interactive classrooms to students from 4-14 and small classes. Our classes have top of the line technology and facilities available to our teachers. Further we offer a lucrative compensation package, a Z working visa, modern housing walking distance to the school, end of the year bonuses, flight allowance up to 8000RMB, western style management, Chinese language classes, a chance to learn and specialize in new teaching technologies and limited hours so you can have a healthy work life balance.

We are looking for motivated fluent English speakers with at least a bachelor degree. We also require at least one of the following a TEFL certificate (or equivalent), a degree in education or english, or two years teaching experience. Further a clean criminal record is required for a visa in China. We look forward to your application and speaking with you further.

Job Type: Full-time 30 hours per week; Part-time welcome as well. Be able to start Mid Oct.
Add WeChat (xzhou-sharon) if you are interested.

Add WeChat (xzhou-sharon)


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