Вакансии в Пекине

Есть 4 вакансии:
Assitant to General Manager: 2 человека (full-time job)
Assiatant/Translator: 2 человека (remote part-time job)
Общее требование: Носитель русского языка (русский язык как родной); Fluent in English and Chinese.
Main responsibilities for Assitants to General Manager: Daily interpreting/translating works for GM. Typical responsibilities as for a GM assistant.
Office locations: close to Beijing Liangmaqiao subway station (200 meters); Shanghai.
Job type: official, full time
Visa: We offer you all necessary assistance to get visa/permission for working in China.
Expected arrival time at work: Not later than 1 August.
Salary package: for the trial period (3 months), 15000-20000CNY/month.
Ideal candidates: graduates (bachelors, masters) of this year, located in China. BUT NOT LIMITED.
Pls forward your CV by e-mail or contact through Wechat.



Нужна проверка временный сотрудник перевести текст резюме