Работа учителем английского в любых городах Китая

Dongguan city, Guangdong province
training center Female
Needs English teacher, only ASAP
Students: 3-6 years old
Salary: 12-14K after tax +
free Accommodation
Xian city
training centre need teacher with good accent
3-12 kids
Salary:11-14k +accommodation
Arrive date: asap
Visa:can accept M visa,also can apply work visa for teachers
Xiamen city
International training center
need non-native English teacher
Up to 25 lessons per week
salary 12-13+ accommodation
Changzhou city, Jiansu province
Training school needs teacher
Arrive date: asap
salary 11-13 + accommodation allowance + KPI
Good teaching experience and love kids
Huadu Square line 9
Kindergarten need non-native teacher ,
12-15k+ accommodation allowance
working time is from 8:30-12:00 14:30-17:00 ,
monday to friday, and Saturday is 8:30-12:00.
In total 5.5days per week
Teaching time is short, every class last for about 20mins
training school needs 2 teachers 11-13k+accommodation,
6-10 years old kids
needs to start in the end of OCT , beginning of Nov
Only teachers with BA degree
should qualify to apply work visa.
Up to 25 lessons per week

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