Cage system for laying hens

Cell framework
The cage is intended for laying hens. The cage is able to point with a capacious feeder, the design of which allows filling it without removing it. The egg collector is a continuation of the mesh floor, set at an angle of 5‐7 degrees, which is optimal for rolling eggs. There are limiters in the form of windows that do not allow the bird to scatter feed, has a connection point with a feeding system, a drinking system, and a dropping system.
The front edge of the floor is equipped with an egg‐ receiving chute, on which there is a conveyor belt that connects the cage equipment with an automatic egg collection system. An egg laid by a hen gently rolls into a gutter outside the cage and lies on the tape until the eggs are collected, the hen cannot reach it, which excludes damage to it. There is capacity for CNC punching and bending.
Cage material:
‐‐ 275 g/sq. meter, high‐quality hot‐dip galvanized GOST 14918‐2020, intended for punching and bending with CNC.
The cage mesh is
‐‐ made of galvanized aluminum wire.
‐‐ Cage size: 2250mm*600mm*430mm‐340mm ,
‐‐ No. of cells: 5
‐‐ Number of chickens in one tier: 60 pcs
‐‐ Bird area: not less than 450 cm²
‐‐ Feeding space: 75 mm.
‐‐ Mesh diameter: front cage and door mesh diameter 3.9mm.
‐‐ Bottom Mesh Diameter, Top Mesh, Back Mesh, 2.15mm Separate Mesh.
‐‐ The material of the frame leg is high quality hot‐dip galvanized steel with a thickness of not less than 2 mm.
‐‐ The material of the frame is high quality hot‐dip galvanized steel with a thickness not less than 1.5 mm.
‐‐ Zinc thickness: 35 mcm
Egg divider material:
‐‐ PVC that can prevent injury to chicken feet.
‐‐ length = 2250mm,
‐‐ thickness: not less than 1.5mm,

price: 450,00 USD


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